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Without stopwatches, would the 4 minute mile ever have been broken? The truth is, probably

not. It is only by measuring our performance that we are able to set goals and drive for improvement.  This has been found to be just as true in business as in sports, and ultimately will prove itself in the Research & Development world of life sciences

organizations. To drive better R&D, we must first learn how to properly measure our performance.

 3C Company - Optimizing Clinical Trials

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Many of the clinical trial sessions talk about how to move them along faster - quicker enrollment, faster data collection, cleaner more accurate data to speed up database locks - the list is endless.  But for many firms, collecting the data that to analyze their speed adds effort and actually slows the process they are trying to improve.  This article focuses on collection of progress data from existing systems like central labs and trial management tools to capture performance and the use of Business Intelligence tools to provide valuable insight to areas for improvement.

 Cognos - Driving Clinical Trial Performance






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