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In today’s competitive environment, Clinical Operations is more than a matter of coordinating research activities - It is an opportunity to gain significant strategic advantage by leveraging process and technology improvements across the organization. For years 3C Company has been helping leaders in the pharmaceutical industry identify and implement these changes.


EDC Implementations

For decades the monumental efforts of collecting & cleaning study data have challenged Clinical data management teams to apply the very best technologies to get drugs to market sooner. Collecting the data electronically has long been a goal, and today’s web technologies have made this much more attainable. But to the unwary Clinical team, the challenges of programming EDC forms, validating databases and training investigator staff can lead to surprising delays in beginning enrollment. 3C Company can help your team properly leverage these technologies for improved results.

Study Portals

Portals are terrific for delivering information to people with a shared interest, and 3C Company has found this technology to be extremely effective when applied in the context of a Clinical study. Team members can quickly reference the Protocol and amendments; share sample flowsheets with Clinicians; communicate SAEs; provide payment status to investigators; and even deliver presentations and education via streaming media.

Electronic Submissions

Most of the world’s Pharma’s develop their submission materials electronically, and in an earnest effort to streamline the approval processes the FDA has prepared for electronic submission. 3C can help your organization leverage this technology for strategic advantage, before it’s too late.


The FDA provides strict guidance when it comes to electronic approval processes, but for 3C e-signatures are more than a compliance issue. This technology can streamline your entire Clinical operation, basing processes on electronic workflow and discarding the shackles of paper documents.

E2B Electronic Transmittal of Medwatch Reports

Electronic transmittal of safety data is replacing traditional printed Medwatch reports. If you have not yet made this transition, 3C Company can guide you there. If you have implemented and are not getting all the benefits you hoped for, our professionals can help re-engineer your processes to maximize return on this technology investment.


Integrating Clinical Systems

In the dynamic environment created by advancing technology and Clinical applications, the spector of Information Overload looms large. If all these systems do not communicate with one another, the Clinical team can quickly find itself entering the same date two, three or more times; disputing reports with conflicting data; and focusing on systems challenges rather than Clinical Research. Find out how 3C Company helped this large pharma integrate its Clinical systems and avoid this nightmare.











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